The Concept

History and Prospect
Since 2015


An idea was born

The best ideas arise by saying: “What was if…”
Some years ago Angelo Carbone asked himself:

Why is it not possible to buy and sell coffee in a way that every part of the chain gets its benefit and not only some; why do we propagate “Fair Trade” if it is only fair for some people?

That was the cornerstone to bring this project to life.

The founder

Angelo Carbone

Together we can achieve everything

My name is Angelo Carbone – coffee is my business, my passion and my life. I love my job, my family and people who are honest and responsible against themselves and our environment. I’m creative, inventive and I like to share because I’m convinced that we can change things if we do it together. As this website is about the coffee plantation project, it might be that you want to get more information about me and my source of motivation to start this project. Please visit my LinkedIn-page and my private blog.


A brief description

With mutual benefit as the goal, honesty and conviction we can achieve that the coffee farmers will be able to improve their living conditions significantly and the shareholders will gain respect, a beautiful estate and a worthwhile investment opportunity.

A disused


The name-giving water spring

The plantation is located in the Dominican Republic, in the province Moca only 1h far from the internationalen airport Puerto Plata. The plantation covers an area of 11 ha (110.000 sqm) and was disused for several years. At the last year’s end we overcame the last obstacles to buy the whole plantation. Currently we’re in the process of acquiring the staff and preparing the plants and seeds, furthermore we’re doing a lot of maintenance. Located in the highlands, with perfect soil and an own water spring the coffee farm perfectly fits the requirements to establish a prosperous and successful coffee plantation.

See the plantation’s location on google maps


Dominican Republic?

The decision to choose the Dominican Republic for establishing our coffee plantation is based on some crucial key facts:
It is one of the safest destinations
The economy is fast growing and stable
There is a stable democracy for more than 30 years
Read more about these facts in this Dom-Rep-Blog.
Furthermore we have to be honest and realistic. If we want to launch a project together with shareholders this will only work at a place the investors and their families feel fine.


Economic Benefit

Those who can process and sell the coffee in their own entity will gain the maximum economic benefit. That means he will receive his allotment of raw coffee, roasts the beans in Germany, sell them in his shop or processes them in his café.
The benefit is not only the lower purchase price, rather fact is that it is his own plantation’s coffee.
There is a story, a personal characteristic, a personal grade and the personal relationship to the people cultivating and harvesting the coffee.
In case of having helped actively seeding the young plants, looking after them and harvesting them, there couldn’t be more convincing arguments and real unique selling propositions.
It’s easy to imagine how customers will react if you report that you were harvester on your own plantation and that you and your employees jointly grew up the coffee.
More and more small to medium sized coffee-roasters are travelling around establishing personal contact to coffee farmers. Firstly the want to get to know their coffee’s origin and their treatment, secondly they want to be enabled to tell their customers their own coffee story.
As a coffee plantation’s shareholder you put the cherry on the cake, simply unbeatable!


Joy and relaxation

Not business as usual

Those, possessing the coffee affinity without economic purposes may have total different intentions and benefits as well, just in another way.
Just imagine you get up in the morning and join the farmers on their way to the plantation in order to work. You sweat, you burn off energy because it is hard work. In the evening you and the farmers have a BBQ and a couple of beers, talking about serious and less serious things. You feel totally relaxed, just good.
That is the perfect counterbalance to the often stressful daily routine. And never to forget you are a part of a good and meaningful mission: You help farmers to secure and develop their existence.


Family included

Involve your family, friends...

It is no problem to involve your family, friends or clients. They all can collaborate (due to physically constitution and resilience),
or just watch the actions and learn a lot about coffee farming. Only a few can be so lucky to join close up this experience. These are holidays in different dimensions, not as a common tourist, but as a part of the whole because you own a part of it.
According to the description above you are not forced to collaborate it is totally voluntary. If you don’t collaborate actively you won’t be in a worse position. The collaboration is a benefit, or to be more precise, a privilege you can use but your are not forced to. –
If you or your family is not in the mood for working in the plantation you can make full use of all the amenities a Caribbean holiday paradise has to offer. Fancy hotels, nice bars and restaurants as well as a dreamlike scenery and marvellous beaches.


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