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With mutual benefit as the goal, honesty and conviction we can achieve that the coffee farmers will be able to improve their living conditions significantly…


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Why should it not be possible to buy and sell coffee in a way that every part of the chain gets its benefit and not only some; why do we propagate “Fair Trade” if it is only fair for some people?…


The plantation is located in the Dominican Republic, in the province Moca only 1h far from the internationalen airport Puerto Plata. The plantation covers an area of 11 ha (110.000 sqm). Currently there is no regular farming practised…

Goals & challenges


Resumption of farming

Sharing benefits

Win-Win for all

Doing something good

Make the world a little better

What we do

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We create a stable foundation for the employed farmers to recultivate the plants and perform the necessary maintenance jobs.


We currently collect donations to purchase all the necessary tools and equipment the farmer need to perform their daily work and the maintenance.


We’ve employed a local custodian who is responsible for coordinating and proper implementation of the ongoing operations.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We want to help using our knowledge, experiences and networks. Our goal is to enable the coffee farmers to produce good coffee under fair and reliable conditions, so that they get the opportunity to create an environment in which their families and especially their children will be able to develop their future in a satisfying way. We are aware that we only can motivate new shareholders and contributors if we provide them valuable benefits.


Shareholder and Contributor


Shareholder & Contributor
Website: beansandburnes.com


Shareholder & Contributor
Website: prepaidcoffee.de


Shareholder & Contributor
Website: lamacatec.de

Familie Martin Sesjak



Featured Donations

Crêperie Am Meer

Crêperie am Meer Westerland – Sylt
Mario and Ivonne Witt
Website: creperie-am-meer-shop.de

Ivonne and Mario Witt donated the whole money amount needed for the first mule’s purchase…


Sigrid made a donation for the second mule, MUGA.

We were able to purchase MUGA because Sigrid made a very generous donation for this purpose.
It’s nice to see that our first mule, SANTIAGO got a new girl friend

Alt Derp Genussmanufaktur Anno 1646

Alt Derp Genussmanufaktur Anno 1646, Kevelaer
Family Karl-Heinz Hornbergs
Website: alt-derp.de

Macafe-customer, Family Karl-Heinz Hornbergs from Kevelaer, presented a money donation to the Finca Fuente Vieja…

The approach

Effective help needs a strong base

Economically use

Those who can process and sell the coffee in their own entity will gain the maximum economic benefit. That means he will receive his allotment of raw coffee, roasts the beans in Germany, sell them in his shop or processes them in his café. The benefit is not only the lower purchase price, rather fact is that it is his own plantation’s coffee…


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